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Straight Lengths – Standard packaging includes wooden boxes reinforced with steel banding. Box dimensions measure 7″ by 7″ by 20′-6″ for standard 20′ lengths.

            Standard box quantities – 20′ lengths

OD Quantity Total Length
1/4″ 500 5000′
3/8″ 160 3200′
1/2″ 90 1800′
5/8″ 60 1200′
3/4″ 40 800′
1″ 25 500′

Wood boxing is standard at American Tube and our quoted price includes packaging. There may be an additional charge for less than full box quantity orders.

Coiled lengthsDepending on coil tube OD size and length , coils may be shipped loose wrapped, level wound, cored, or on reels. Standard coil ID is 24″ or 30″. Custom ID sizes are available.

  • Loose wrap – for shorter coil lengths, banded with plastic ties. Shipped on pallets for easy unloading.
  • Cored – similar to loose wrap, but usually for longer lengths. Can be level wound.
  • On Reels – Our high quality wood reels are available in several sizes, but we can accommodate any specific size requirements you may have. Wood reels may incur additional costs.

Export Packaging – Our export packaging is extra heavy-duty to protect  your overseas shipments.